About Team Mosier

Team Mosier was a creation of the City of Mosier, the Mosier Fire District, and Mosier Community School. Each of the governing bodies adopted an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) that delegated some of its powers to Team Mosier to act on its behalf with respect to the derailment and oil spill. Team Mosier worked with representatives of the Union Pacific Railroad to come to agreement on what Union Pacific would do to correct the problems that the spill created, to reduce the possibilities that similar events will occur in the future, and to improve the ability of the government agencies and the Railroad to respond to potential future events. Team Mosier was advisory to the agencies that created it—ultimately their elected boards and councils voted to accept the terms of the settlement that Team Mosier negotiated with Union Pacific.

The list of Team Mosier board members that follows lists for each member their position at the time they joined Team Mosier. It also identifies the changes that occurred in Board membership over the life of the project.


Terry Moore, Board Chair

Mid-Columbia Economic Development District Board Member

City of Mosier

Arlene Burns, City Representative

Mayor, City of Mosier

Emily Reed, City Representative

Council President, City of Mosier

Acasia Berry, City Representative
Mosier City Council

Mosier Fire District

Kris McNall, Fire Representative
Volunteer, Mosier Fire District

Craig Funk, Fire Representative
Capital Advisory Committee, Mosier Fire District

Phil Evans, Fire Representative

Board Member, Mosier Fire District

Charles Young, Fire Representative

Volunteer, Mosier Fire District
In May 2017 Charles Young was elected to the board of the Mosier Community School. He resigned his position as a representative of the Fire District on Team Mosier to avoid any appearance or possibility of conflict of interest. He was replaced by Phil Evans.


Mosier Community School

Kevin McCabe, School Representative

Chairman, Mosier Community School Board

Lisa Matthisen, School Representative

Treasurer, Mosier Community School Board

Susan Vallie, School Representative
Executive Secretary, Mosier Community School

Brian Schimel, School Representative

Executive Director / Principal, Mosier Community School
In April 2017 Brian Schimel resigned as executive director and principal of the Mosier Community School. He remained on Team Mosier while the School began a search for his replacement. In June, the School appointed Susan Vallie to the Team Mosier Board, and hired Kieran Connolly as the new executive director and principal. Kieran was never a formal member of Team Mosier, but he was involved in the approval of the final agreement.


Colleen Coleman
City Manager, City of Mosier

Kathy Fitzpatrick

City Manager, City of Mosier
In October 2017 Kathy Fitzpatrick resigned as Mosier City Manager to take a job with the Mid-Columbia Economic Development District. She remained informally involved in review of the final agreement. In November, the City hired Colleen Coleman as the new City Manager: she took on Kathy’s role as Team Mosier staff for the final months of Team Mosier’s operation.

Rhonda Starling
Bookkeeper, Mosier Fire District

And Many Others…

Team Mosier had help from many people, government institutions, and not-for-profit organizations. Key among them: