Team Mosier produced two key documents:

  • A report on the effects of the derailment, oil spill, and fire on the Mosier Community. The reports categorization of effects became the basis for Team Mosier’s negotiation with Union Pacific. Click Train Derailment in Mosier: What Happened, and What Can Union Pacific Railroad Do to Help the Recovery? for a copy of the report and its appendices.
  • A settlement agreement with Union Pacific. That document evolved during a year of negotiation. The basic terms of the final agreement were described by Union Pacific in a Letter of Offer in July 2017. The final agreement—signed 1 December by designated representatives of Union Pacific, the City of Mosier, the Mosier Fire District, and the Mosier Community School—contains the details. The Home Page of this web site summarizes the terms of the agreement.

Team Mosier completed its work in December 2017. It has no further authority, no office, and no budget. The City of Mosier is now the curator of information related to the operation of Team Mosier. For more information, contact the City Manager of Mosier (currently, Colleen Coleman: 541-478-3505).